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Long Term Insurance Basics

“70% of people 65 and up will need long-term health care”
Long term care insurance policies cover the cost of care in a nursing home, adult care center, assisted living facility or your own home.

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“Shopping for LTC insurance may be simplified by contacting an independent agent who can shop quotes from a variety of companies for you.”
Clark Howard
“Here is ultimate irony: Over the years, I have had some health problems that are fine today. But, when I went to get my own LTC insurance policy two years ago I was denied for recent health reasons. If I had just gone one year earlier, that would not have been the case.”
Suze Orman
“If you have $20 million liquid sitting around, then you could easily set aside $2 to $3 million for long-term care and still be in great shape. But I advise virtually everyone to have good, long-term care coverage in place by age 60.”
Dave Ramsey

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