New Free Guide for Small Business Owners

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Are you a small business owner? If you are, then go grab a copy of the guide AIG just made available.

AIG Guide for Small Business Owners

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Bring On Tomorrow!

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This year, The Life Insurance Pro has partnered up with AIG Partners group in Nashville to offer the Quality of Life® insurance protfolio!

Contact us to learn more!

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We Teach. You Earn!

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New Agent ad

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Transamerica Trendsetter Express discontinued

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Effective February 14, 2015, Trendsetter Express will no longer be available for sale.

Applications for the Express product must be signed, dated and received in good order by Transamerica by close of business on or before February 13, 2015.

Trendsetter LB is a great alternative and should be reviewed.  It also offers a non med option up to $249,999.logo_tflic

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Free Agent Websites!

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Attention Agents! Looking for a website that your prospects can run quotes and let YOU know they are interested in Life Insurance? We have just the thing! Contact us today and ask us about our brand new Right Quotes Website! Its exclusively for our agents..and it won’t cost you a dime!

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New rates took effect yesterday, March 31, 2014, for Banner and William Penn OPTerm plans (including Term Riders) from Legal & General America. Decreases and increases position them in the top three in 87 percent of 1,560 “cells” across all ages, bands, term lengths and rating classes, for both men and women. Not only is Legal and General extremely competitive in pricing but consider the following advantages as well:

– Agency-applauded AppAssist; integrated with our Algren’s One Page App platform

– Financial strength (AM Best A+, S&P AA-, COMDEX 96)

– Term riders to customize coverage

– Substandard offers priced on Standard Plus rates

– Family history of cancer doesn’t rule out preferred classesinfosnack1widerview 2

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Marijuana use and Life Insurance !

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Over 20 million adult Americans use marijuana at least once per year. If you have found this post, perhaps you are one of those Americans who uses marijuana either occasionally or frequently, and would like to know how this will affect you as far as life insurance rates go. The good news is that you can get approved for a life insurance policy as a marijuana smoker. This post will address the topic of life insurance for marijuana smokers  and ill explain to you how you can also get non-smoker rates.

If you do smoke marijuana, you really need to work with a life insurance agent who can help you find the life insurance company that will treat you most favorably when it comes to your specific use. While some companies will still approve you for recreational use most will offer you smoker rates, while with others you can obtain significantly better pricing at non-smoker rates. The price difference between smoker and non-smoker rates is remarkable, which means you can save a significant amount of money by finding a life insurance company that provides non-smoker rates to marijuana smokers.

How Can we get you Non-Smoker Rates?

The first thing you should do when trying to get non-smoker rates is be upfront and honest on your application and discussion with your agent. By being upfront about your habits, you are gaining credibility with the insurance company and they are more likely to believe you about how often you smoke if you are upfront about it, rather than having to explain after it comes up in a urine sample.

Which Insurance Companies offer the Best Life Insurance for Marijuana Smokers?

Most insurance companies will classify you as a smoker if you smoke marijuana, however here are some companies that are a bit more liberal in their guidelines and are able to provide non-smoker rates:

We represent five Life Insurance companies we feel are flexible  when it comes to marijuana smoking. If you smoke marijuana let us know by calling us or messaging us privately and we can help you find the best rates for life insurance as a marijuana smoker.

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What do love and life insurance have in common? More than you might realize. The motivation behind purchasing life insurance is love: We buy it because we love people and want to protect them financially. Think of it as the ultimate act of enduring love. How so? Read on.

The Things We Do for Love

We go to great lengths for our loved ones. We work hard to provide them with a life filled with happiness, comfort and opportunity. In fact, there’s almost nothing we wouldn’t do for our loved ones. We re-arrange our schedules to never miss our kids’ sporting events. We put in extra time at work to save up for that special family vacation. We rush out of the office to make sure we’re home in time for dinner with our loved ones.

But what if you died tomorrow and were no longer around to provide for your family? Without your income and all the other things you do for your loved ones, would they be able to maintain their current lifestyle and keep future plans on track?

That’s where life insurance comes in. It can’t put your family’s life back to how it was, but it can keep your loved ones in the world they’ve always known. So if you think you need life insurance (or more than you currently have), now is the time to do something about it.

A Different Way of Expressing Your Love

Preparing a romantic dinner. Planning a surprise weekend getaway. These expressions of love are sure to be appreciated. But why not consider giving your loved one a more enduring gift of love: life insurance. What can say “I love you” better than a promise to provide for the ones you love, even after you’re gone.

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